Our management and supervisory teams have over 100 years of aggregate security experience in a variety of protection applications. This enables us to draw from a larger pool of resources and see things through a wider lens. Each member has their own area of expertise that enriches the team, and this synergistic approach creates the ability to provide expert in-house service to clients that goes beyond the capabilities of a single minded security company.

This is the primary reason we have been hired to provide training for thousands of individuals and companies, even those that utilize other companies for day to day security service. Even our competitors use our training, which strengthens the validity of our programs.

Training should be approached as a dynamic and fluid resource. We never rest on our laurels or believe we have reached the summit. We continue to try new methods and new ideas in instruction. Our methodology is to stick with what works and eliminate what doesn’t, always learning something new throughout the process.

We are proud to have provided guidance and content to the FEMA sanctioned Maritime Training developed by Florida State University. Gray’s Security Service is MARAD certified to administer the PortStar training program and we have obtained Federal Grant money for our clients to purchase and use the system themselves. Click HERE to enter our PortStar training site.

Security Training